Monday, April 13, 2009

Song Idea - Dry My Flood

This is a song that I wrote while my house was flooded last year. It's one that could probably be finished without too much added to it... But I would like feedback on re-wording it or such to make it flow better. Does anything in this song sound stupid to you?

Dry My Flood

Jon Orweller 2008
Minor blues Hard Rock / Metal Sounds like sound garden

Verse 1
The rain keeps falling down and the flood keeps coming up
I feel dark and gloomy like It’s never going to stop
And I am feeling stuck here ‘cause there’s nowhere else to go
I’ve kept it all inside but now its gonna flow

Come and Dry my flood Will you take it all way?
Yeah, dry my flood ‘Cus is just too much to take
(Yeah) Dry my flood Let it all go down the drain
I got to get this off my back and clear it from my brain

Verse 2
It’s been more than 40 days and been more than 40 nights
It seems a minor problem but It’s my major plight
I can not over come it, and I can not win this fight
I am not defeated, but I am not alright

Instrumental (over chorus?)

And I know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel
This story will come to an end
When the flood is gone, I’ll be grateful for what I gave
And I’ll start to build again
If every thing I have is all taken
And I am just left with my life
I’ll be grateful for the air that I breathe
For my health, my family, my wife

Instrumental II (Bridge?)

Verse 3
The rain keeps falling down and the flood keeps coming up
I feel dark and gloomy like it’s never going to stop
I know I shouldn’t worry if the problem’s only things
But this feeling tears my heart out and it makes me want to sing


Chorus (fade out)

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