Monday, April 13, 2009

Intro to song writing ideas blog

Ever had a great idea for a song... But then could not remember it later? Ever started writing a song and get stumped? Ever wish you had other song writers to bounce your ideas off of to get help or to make them better? Well then this is the blog for you!

This blog is for song writing ideas. You can add a topic that you think would make a good song. You can add lyrics for feedback, whether part of a chorus, or a whole proposed song.

All ideas posted on this blog are understood to be public and usable by anyone. However, specific lyrics belong to the person posting them, and should not be used without permission of the poster. If lyrics are posted as a suggestion in response to an original post - permission is assumed to be given for the person who started the song idea / post.

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  1. Here's a song I wrote almost a year ago when I quit my job to teach guitar lessons and then found out we were expecting a baby.

    The Answer
    2008 Willis Bouwman
    Acoustic - 6/8 feel

    Verse 1:
    Sometimes the road that lies ahead It's hard just to see where I'm going
    It's hard to believe I've found myself here
    Now I know that know one ever said
    This life was going to be easy
    But I think it's got to be easier than this

    Sometimes it all seems so hopeless
    And everything is falling apart
    It seems like nothing is going to change
    I'm just trying to find some purpose
    And what am I suppose to do
    That is the question that I'm trying to find the answer to.

    Verse 2:
    I'm tired of running through this life
    Chasing dreams that might become broken
    Not going to waste precious time anymore
    (I think this verse needs to be longer but I couldn't think of anything else, thoughts are welcome)